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When someone is deciding, what actions would best serve their interests now and of the future, they will go through a list of criteria that would include the following questions:
· How important is your physical safety and personal security?
· How important is your economic well-being and future prosperity?
· How important is your values, beliefs and culture?
In addition, when deciding different courses of actions you can't just think about what will best benefit you but also your family and community.


Aspects of National Interest
People who govern democratic communities and nations and make decisions based on people’s nationalism (values, shared culture) they want certain benefits. Their national interest may focus on:
· Economic prosperity - includes employment, decent standard of living.
· Security & safety - ways to maintain national security and physical protection (laws that protect citizens, secure borders).
· Beliefs and values - include affirming and promoting citizens, values, beliefs and culture


Changing Views of National Interest
Just how peoples understanding of nationalism may be different so are their opinions on what is national interest. National interest is not static and unchanging. Certain events that would happen inside a country such as a loss of an industry or a life changing catastrophic storm may change your idea on what is in the national interest. Events that happen outside a country can also change one's priorities.


​Differing Views of National Interest
A lot of the time people base their thoughts of what is in the national interest is by what they think that their nation's identity is. For example, peacekeepers is what Canada is known for therefore, it becomes our national interest. China has a strong military but not for wars and such but if someone/country threatens China's national interest. Kofi Annan believes that for the US that independence is their national interest. Some people believe that a country cant haven the same national interests.

National Interest and Arctic Soverignty

For example the Arctic North and how the ice is melting due to climate change, this will affect not only the people of the Arctic North but it will affect the majority of Canadians. The ice melting with cause major a controversy over the claims of the ocean, especially since there is a need for oil and gas. The military is expecting there to be many threats made against the Canadian border yet, they are know where near ready for the controversy that is going to occur. This connects to national interest because it affects our economic prosperity, the ice melting will create an opportunity to transport material such as oil and gas. It also will affect Canada’s security and safety, with the military expecting threats and not being ready may lead to an invasion of Canada.