How does Ultranationalism Develop?

Ultranationalism can develop in many different ways. The most common way is if there is a singular ultranationalist, who takes advantage of a country

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in distress. The ultranationalist is able to manipulate people, people's feelings, or people's needs. This manipulation may happen simply because the nation is looking for a strong leader, because the ultranationalist is a strong charismatic speaker (think Martin Luther King and "I Have A Dream") or if this person uses brute force.

After WWI, many countries were in economic, social, or political distress or crisis. Germany was particularly anxious after and needed a strong leader to emerge and help the country out of their problems. Adolf Hitler was a fanatic of a fictional, completely Aryan run Germany. To create this dream of his, he knew he must become the leader of Germany, which he eventually did in 1933. He was elected because he promised a better life for Germans. He was an extreme ultranationalist, because he felt Germany was better than the other countries, and the Aryan race was what the world should be.

external image emperor-hirohito1.jpgAnother country that was in a crisis after WWI was Japan. The economic depression took a hard toll on the imports and exports of their country. Also, major crop failure caused a major famine throughout Japan. Ultranationalists in Japan, ultimately blamed the country's politians for the major crisis. By 1937, the military controlled the Japanese government, then the military leaders created a cult around the emperor Hirohito.

People who were charismatic speakers were able to easily control the people of their nation. Hitler promised to make Germany the leading country in the world, he was a skilled speaker who knew how to capture the attention of his audience and use their emotions to convey his message and make it seem more powerful than it was. He promised to make the country a leading power by
-refusing to recoginize the Treaty of Verailles
-rebuilding Germany's armed forces and reclaiming lost territories
-restoring the superiority of the Aryan race A singular ultranationalist is someone who is a fanatic of their country. They think that their country could be the best and they do irrational things to make that country the best. If the ultranationalist feels that their country should only have people of the German descent or the pure bloods, they will do things to rid the country of the "scum" inside of it.

To conclude, ultranationalism begins with one person, or one person's vision of the perfect nation or
people. Striving to have a person's vision of a country is a very dangerous thing because to achieve that vision, it isnt always
a nice process. Ultranationalists prey on people's fears and their needs, that is why, ultrationalism develops after a crisis, because the people are looking for a strong leader.

Here is a video on how extreme ultranationalism can get. This is a youth rally that was held where Hitler spoke.