Chapter 6: What is Ultranationalism?

Ultranationalism is an extreme form of nationalism. Ultranationalists are often extremely loyal too their own nation and hostile and racist to other nations.(Joseph Goebbels) Several people believe nationalism is the most powerful political force in the world, but they may not agree on what nationalism is. Benjamin Barber highlighted the disagreement in the book Jihad vs. Mcworld: Terrorism's Challenge to Democracy, he wrote: "There is old nationalism and new nationalism, good nationalism and bad nationalism, civic nationalism and ethnic nationalism, nationalism as the forge of great states and nationalism as their coffin... the nationalism of the liberal nation-state and the nationalism of... parochial politics and tribalism."Parochial meaning very restricted in outlook or scope. Benjamin Barber is a political theorist, who has written numerous books on political topics and views. Because he was a political theorist, he was a strong democrated supporter.


Some nations can take offense to another nations acts of nationalism, such as racism and fanaticism. Fanaticism​​​​​​ meaning wildly excessive or irrational devotion, dedication, or enthusiasm. These elements can create conflicts. Whether it's nationalistic or ultranationalistic, people label belief or policy depending on the nation they belong to. An action of patriotism in one nation can be viewed as ultranationalistic in another.

Hrant Dink January 2007, Hrant Dink, a member of Turkey's Armenian Minority, was shot and killed. His murderer was a 17 year old boy named Ogan Samast. Dink was a Turkish-Armenian journalist who had campaigned for the rights of ethnic Armenians, he was both prominent spokesman for his ethnic community in Turkey and as the founder and editor of the bilingual Turkish-Armenian newspaper Agos. Samast was said to have been apart of a Turkish nationalist group. Dink had angered nationalists in his country by writing about the massacre of thousands of Armenians by Turks in WW1. This had probably upset Samast, making him feel anger towards Dink. urkish-Armenian newspaper

Russian Ultrantionalism

Drastic economic and social changes that result in unemployment and poverty can spark axtreme nationalism. During these circumstances peoples interests,security, and values of their groups can become all-important. When the Soviet Union crumbled in 1991, Russia and 14 other independent republics appeared. But unfortunatly the changes were quite difficult and insecurity about the future accumulated hatred of people who were different. Immigrants and asylum seekers were highest in the rankings of hated people. Alexander Verkhovskyonce said "Most of our population supports the idea of Russia for Russians, which means for ethnic Russians not for the Russian citizen."

Russia Under Stalin Rule

During the early 20th century, Russia was an absolute monarchy. In 1918 Czar Nicholas II (Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov) and his family were assasinated and a civil war brought even more suffering to millions of people had already endured in WWI. These events were caused by the Russian Revolution. Joseph Stalin emerged as the countries leader by 1928. One of his first acts was to take land owned by farmers and replace them with collective farms owned by the state. Any objectors were killed. 5 Million people were deported to forced labour camps in Siberia or Central Asia. He wanted to replace loyalties of the 100 distinct national groups in the S.U. with Soviet nationalism. Groups who rebelled were prosecuted as criminal nation.

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Stalins system "would fasten its pitiless talons on any nation pointed out to it"

-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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Treatment of Ukranians

Ukranians were treated miserably. When farmers refused to give up their rightfully owned land, Stalin would confiscate every crop they owned leaving them helpless and hungry.. These many confiscations led to 10 million deaths due to starvation in the 1930's. Public usage of the Ukranian language was outlawed during Stalin rule. Many labour camps consisted mostly of Ukranians. The Communist party was rid of all people accused of being "enemy of the people." Thousands of Russians were executed and millions sent to labour camps.
Outrageous Exiles
A man was exiled for taking a picture of Stalin down just to paint the wall. Another was when a artist was sitting in a cafe while another artist was painting a cartoon of Stalin.

**Warning Video below has graphic scenes. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Propaganda and Ultranationalism

Propaganda: I deas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further ones cause or to damage an opposing cause. Also: a public action having such an effect. Often misleading and dishonest, nationalists use propaganda to manipulate human emotion and persuade people to behave in certain ways. Propagandists usually:

- Call apponents names. Ex) Terrorists, Fanatics.

- Play down their own failures. Ex) Claiming their wars are "holy"

- Use appealing symbols for persuasion. Ex) Family images, national flag, animals.

- Appeal to peoples fears. Ex) Strict law is the only way to create peace.

Poisonous_Mushroom.jpgThis book represents the propaganda of Joseph Goebbels on young german children. Young children were taught to hate Jewish people at an early age to ensure the supreme race would be carried on through generations.

Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitlers propaganda minister in 1933. Hitler had gave him power over all German radio, press, cinema, and theatre. He made party leader for the Berlin region, and founded and became editor of the official National Socialist periodical Der Angriff (The Attack.) Goebbels had a sufficient amount of power therefore helping Hitler gain control over Germany. Joseph Goebbels also had a list of 19 Principles of Propaganda.

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