National Self-Determination is a group within a country wanting separate rights and freedoms. When a group chases a goal such as this,it can cause many conflicts and problems within the host country and the group its self. These consequences can be looked over until they start to come into effect when the group is challenging the country to give them separate rights and freedoms. These consequences can include things such as:

Groups like the First Nations; They feel that they should get to live by their way of life in which their ancestors once lived by. The First Nations want different rights and freedoms from the rest of society and want to recieve finacial and social support by the government. Is it fair to the rest of Canadians that the First Nations recieve special "treatment" and live by different rules? This has potential to cause conflict between the typical Canadian, and the First Nations. Also, it can cause conflict between the typical Canadian and the Canadian government. These consequences can cause major problems within a country or society.

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Groups like the Hutterites; they feel that common Canadian laws, such as having photo I.D, conflicts with their personal religious views. The Hutterites feel that they should not have to abide by the laws that the rest of society has to. Is this fair to everyone else? Even though the Hutterites have different religious views, should they still have to have the same rules and laws as the rest of the Candians? If they are allowed to live by different rules this could cause Canadians to feel that they live in an unjust society. Should all people not have to follow the same rules?
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Another consequence could be a raise in the number of Refugees; People living within a country could not like the changes that they country is undergoing, and take themselves away from the problems and into a different country. This could cause many social and economic problems within the country that the refugees ran to. They are going to take jobs from the people of the host country. They are going to require housing. There are many things that could happen to cause problems within the country

In any case, when a group become so focused on having separate rights and freedoms, they lose focus on things that they usually focus on in everyday life. They could lose control of their lives because they are so focused on their goal they will forget about the things they need to survive happily.